Can dimmer switches be used for fluorescent bulbs?

Answer Fluorescent bulbs are made with a gas that requires a specific amount of voltage for operation. Because of this, dimmer switches are not meant for fluorescent bulbs; they are compatible with 120V ... Read More »

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Can I use energy saver bulbs with dimmer switches?

You can use any kind of light bulb with a light that is connected to a dimmer switch, including energy saver compact fluorescent bulbs. You can buy specific dimmer switch CFL bulbs to be on the saf... Read More »

Will dimmer switches help save on light bulbs?

Using dimmer switches will help lengthen the life of a light bulb, and savings are proportional to the amount by which you dim the light. Note that not all light bulbs are dimmable. If you use comp... Read More »

Why can't you use energy saving light bulbs with dimmer switches or timers?

Energy saving light bulbs use the same technology as fluorescent tubes, with a built in starter. These types of bulbs need to take a lot of inrush (startup) current, and then take a very small amou... Read More »

Can you use a dimmer switch with compact fluorescent bulbs?

As with incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs come in a variety of designs. To meet demands for energy-saving technologies and because use of regular CFLs with dimmer swit... Read More »