Can digital tv signal converters be made to work for TV-band radios?

Answer If you can connect the RF output of the converter to the RF input of the radio, it will work. You'll have to set the radio to channel 3 or 4.But why bother. Just use the audio outputs from the conv... Read More »

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Do world band radios work?

On One Hand: World Band Radios WorkWorld band radios--also known as shortwave radios--work by finding stations from around the world that broadcast in between the frequencies used by traditional ra... Read More »

Will an antenna amplifier work with analog to digital converters?

Antennas with amplifiers to boost signal strength can be used with digital-to-analog converter boxes. In fact, in you live in certain geographical locations, the Consumer Electronics Association re... Read More »

Do CB radios work with regular walkie talkiesOr do CB radios only work with other CBs?

Let us first define the term "walkie talkie". This a common reference to *any* handheld portable radio, regardless of frequency or radio service. There are CB, FRS, GMRS... etc walkies.With that ... Read More »

Who would buy new direct tv b band converters-bbc-modules?