Can diet cola interfere with your memory?

Answer If you "have a hard time buying it", how do you even get to the store?

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Best and worst brands of diet cola.?

I was always a Diet Pepsi drinker. I live in Alaska and we did not have any discount type stores when I was growing up. Neither of the grocery store chains carried any generic brands either. Finall... Read More »

Can I drink diet cola if I'm pregnant?

It is probably not that bad, after all, there are no warnings on the label. I wouldn´t do it though. Diet things give me the creeps because I wonder what they used to reduce the number of calories... Read More »

Coca Cola or Pepsi...Diet or regular?

Coke is better for sure, but it truely depends on your taste. An icey cold can of coke is the best no plastic bottle stuff. Much better than Pepsi, it just doesn't have the umph!!!! that Coke does.... Read More »

Poll: Coca Cola or Diet Coke?

Diet CokeTastes better and isn't too sweet