Can diarrhea be a sign of labor?

Answer Many women do experience diarrhea, or the need to have a bowel motion during labour. For some, this happens early during labour, before they really know that they are in labour, and for others it h... Read More »

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Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?

Answeryes it most definitely CAN be a sign of pregnancy. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and I had my period the first month of pregnancy (see that happens too) but then I started feeling really na... Read More »

Is diarrhea on and off for two weeks a sign of pregnancy?

Answer In some women it can be. But it really depends. Diarrhea can be a sign of a abdomonen upset or something that you've eaten causing you problems now. But do a test if your late for your period.

37 weeks pregnant and having terrible diarrhea and feeling nauseas all the time could this mean you could go into labor soon?

Answer It may do but it is more likely you have a stomach bug. I suggest you see your maternity care provider. Answer Hello.I'm not really sure, but I would see your doctor about the severe diar... Read More »

Can diarrhea and sore breasts be a sign of being pregnant?

Yes, you can get diarrhea when your pregnant, bowel movements change due to changes in the pregnant body. And one of the most tell tale signs for pregnancy is having those painfully sore breasts. I... Read More »