Can diamonds&quartz be in the same place?

Answer On One Hand: Diamonds Form Beneath the Earth.Diamonds are formed from massive pressure and heat beneath the earth's surface, according to Diamonds form 90 miles beneath the surface of th... Read More »

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Can you plant tomatoes in the same place two years in a row?

It is best not to plant tomatoes in the same spot in your garden two years in a row. Rotate planting around the garden, so that they only resume a space after a three or four-year break. This can p... Read More »

How to Estimate by Rounding Each Number to the Same Place Value?

Estimating the answer to a calculation instead of solving it completely may save space, time, or effort. In return for those savings, however, accuracy is lost. When a problem requires rounding a n... Read More »

Are the Kennedy space center and cape canaveral the same place?

No the Cape Canaveral is the port and an airforce base. The Kennedy Space Center is owned by NASA.

What disease or symptoms are associated with a person who can't stay in the same place?

There are a number of medical conditions that can cause someone to not be able to stay in one place. If you or someone you know is constantly fidgeting, it is important to consult a doctor for a co... Read More »