Can diabeties be caused a injecting a blood of diabetic..?

Answer Diabetes is not an infectious disease. You can't catch it from someone. A simple explanation of why a person is diabetic is that his Pancreas is not putting out enough insulin to cope with the car... Read More »

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I have this memory lapses what can I do Could they be caused by allergies, diabeties, stress, age 50?

All the above are possibilities for forgetfulness , especially when we enter middle age.Some people, with ADHD, also tend to be forgetful, as well as those taking tranquilizers, alcohol, or insomni... Read More »

Will a broken blood vessel be caused by high blood pressure?

I am a Diabetic with Peripheral Neuropathy. It has caused me to be unable to work and have a normal life.?

Hello Eds glad to have you back...Diabetes is such a disease that it affects all the tissues of the body and neuropathy is one of the inflictions. The best thing is to take your medications and fol... Read More »

I have 104 mg/dL fasting blood glucose and 285 mg/dL post prandial blood glucose. Am I diabetic?

The question is, why are you not asking your doctor this?Anyway, the link provided will explain your blood work.