Can dettol prove if you are pregnant?

Answer Absolutely not!

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Do you have to feel the symptoms to prove that your pregnant?

No. With my first pregnancy, my only symptom was lack of period until I was 4 months along.

How does a pregnant 12-year-old prove to people that she can take care of the baby and doesn't require help from others?

Answer First of all, I don't believe it is possible. A 12-year-old doesn't have the education to get a good paying job and cannot support herself and the child. Without a job, help is going to b... Read More »

Can dettol mix with water?

Yes! I've used it to treat mosquito bites in the bath!

How to Remove Paint from Metal and Plastic Models with Dettol?

Handwash form of Dettol; the original, liquid form is the type you will require.There comes a time in every hobbyist's life when he looks at his painted models and thinks "I really want to start ov... Read More »