Can denture cleaner whiten teeth?

Answer Denture cleaner has been known to whiten teeth with regular use. Soaking teeth with denture cleaner, brushing and then rinsing them can help with removing stains. Denture cleaners should have an AD... Read More »

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If i brush my teeth like 20 times in a day would it whiten my teeth?

Every one of the previous posters are incorrect. Brushing 20 times a day will not hurt your enamel. Enamel is a very hard substance that cannot be harmed that way. If, however, you are brushing to... Read More »

How to Clean Denture Teeth?

Keeping your dentures clean should be a major priority. Regular cleaning helps your dentures to maintain a bright, white color. Denture cleaning also helps promote fresh breath because you are remo... Read More »

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