Can density be used to identify a substance?

Answer A substance can be identified by its density. Archimedes discovered how to do this while in the bath around 250 BC. By testing how much volume of a substance, usually water, is displaced by an obje... Read More »

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Can density be used to identfy a substance?

Density is defined as sample mass divided by volume (D = m/v). Density can differentiate between similar substances if other information is known. Identifying a substance by density alone is very d... Read More »

As you increase the amount of a substance what should happen to its density?

The density of a substance will not change as the amount of the substance is increased. Density represents the ratio of a substance’s mass to its volume. The density of iron, for example, is 7.87... Read More »

Laboratory substance used for drying ammonia?

By drying ammonia, I guess you mean ammonia gas..To dry ammonia gas you pass it through a drying tube of sorts filled with KOH or NaOH pellets. This method is for almost dry gas, if you are getting... Read More »

What substance is used as a filter in a gas mask?

Aside from a particulate filter, activated charcoal, which is carbon, is the substance used as a filter in gas masks. The activated charcoal absorbs chemical threats by means of chemical attraction... Read More »