Can debt collectors take money from my bank account?

Answer According to the Federal Trade Commission, debt collectors can take money from a consumer's bank account only after a lawsuit is filed and the bank account is specifically targeted and garnished.So... Read More »

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Can my civil service money be taken by debt collectors?

A debt collector may sue you, obtain a judgment against you and garnish your paychecks---regardless of the fact that you are a civil servant. Civil service retirement benefits, however, are exempt ... Read More »

Can a debt collector garnish your bank account if they don't know your bank?

No. The debt collector must know your bank account details to garnish your bank account. For a debt collector to garnish the funds from your bank account, the debt collector must first sue you for ... Read More »

How to Transfer Money Online From Bank Account to Bank Account?

The ability to quickly move money from one bank to another is important in today's fast-paced world. Whether you need to cover a check or just find a better interest rate, moving dollars from one b... Read More »

Can you cash a check at a bank where your account has been levied without the bank taking the money?

When your bank account is levied, or frozen for debts owed, it is not possible for you to use that account for check cashing. To cash a check when your bank account is levied, you can use a check c... Read More »