Can deaf people join the military?

Answer Both deaf individuals and those who are hard of hearing are not accepted into any branch of the military, as the ability to hear is considered to be a necessity in a soldier's duties.Source:ASLU Li... Read More »

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Can deaf people join army?

Can deaf people join the army?

Absolutely not - unaided hearing is medical pre-requisite for military service in any branch.

Why deaf people cannot allow to join navy seal?

This would seem a rather redundant question, as the answer is quite obvious. Most military occupations - especially front line and special operations operations - are going to require that ALL of ... Read More »

Can gay people join the military?

Gay people can join the military. As of July 2010, the military has a policy of "don't ask don't tell," meaning that gay members of the military cannot disclose their sexual orientation. The House ... Read More »