Can dead wasps sting?

Answer According to information published by Landcare Research, a wasp can sting after it is dead. Wasps have a venom sac at the end of their stinger. After a wasp dies, this sac will continue to pulsate ... Read More »

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How long can dead wasps sting?

Dead wasps can sting for as long as an hour after death because the venom sac attached to the stinger continues pulsing as an autonomic reflex. However, there may still be poison in the sac even af... Read More »

Do red wasps sting?

According to the Field Guide of Texas Insects, the female red paper wasp will sting (sometimes repeatedly) when its nest is disturbed. The stinger, which is a modified egg layer, is not present in ... Read More »

Do digger wasps sting?

Despite their large size and dangerous appearance, digger wasps are actually not aggressive and rarely sting. They still are a curious insect and will hover near people who are near their homes.Sou... Read More »

Do sand wasps sting?

Sand wasps, also called thread-waisted wasps, sting their prey in order to paralyze them. They will bury the prey, such as caterpillars, in the sand with one of their eggs for the young to feast on... Read More »