Can data fax modems connect you to the internet?

Answer On One Hand: Modems Can Connect to Dial-Up InternetBefore the advent of high-speed Internet, data/fax modems were the primary means for consumers to connect to the internet. A user would dial a sp... Read More »

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Can I connect two modems at the same time to a broadband (DSL) line to get internet on two computers?

No you cannot as there is only one interface at the BT exchange. This interface is only able to connect to one of your modems. If you try and connect a second modem the connection will fail.However... Read More »

How to Connect Wii to Verizon Modems?

The Nintendo Wii console, among its other features, can connect to the Internet, where you can play games with friends and other Wii users all over the world. You also can use the Nintendo Shop Cha... Read More »

How to Connect Cell Phone Modems?

Some cellular phones can connect your computer to the Internet. These cell phones are commonly called cell phone modems. If your cell phone can function as a modem, you will need to have software ... Read More »

How to Connect a Router to 2-Wire Modems?

2Wire produces a series of modems designed to connect to high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections. While some 2Wire DSL modems contain an integrated router, there are many models that a... Read More »