Can data be saved on a PSP without a memory stick?

Answer This depends on which PlayStation Portable system you own. The normal PSP-3000 has no internal memory for storage. The newer PSP GO has 16 gigabytes of internal disk space--enough for you to save j... Read More »

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Can data be saved to a PSP without a memory stick?

The Sony PSPgo system has 16 gigabytes of internal memory where data can be saved without a memory stick. All other PSP models require memory sticks, because the internal memory is inaccessible an... Read More »

How do I save data with a memory stick?

Open the Memory StickPlug the memory stick into an available USB port on your computer. Wait for a minute to see if the device opens automatically. Select to view the files if a dialog box opens. I... Read More »

Can't Save Data to My Memory Stick?

The inability to save information on a memory stick is a common problem. But its solution is often as easy as formatting the memory stick. Formatting is a process by which the traces of information... Read More »

How to Transfer the Email Data on Your Mac to a Memory Stick?

Transferring email data to a memory stick from your mac is a relatively simple process. Email files, like any other file, can be transferred and stored to a memory stick and they don't take up tha... Read More »