Can daily wear contacts be worn longer?

Answer On One Hand: Vision CorrectionDaily wear contacts can be worn longer than the typical 10- to 12-hour wear period. The lenses will still continue to correct vision, even if the directions state to ... Read More »

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Can daily contacts be worn again?

On One Hand: It Can Be DangerousDaily contact lenses are softer and more flexible than contact lenses designed for multiple uses. While this can make them more comfortable to wear, it also makes th... Read More »

Can i wear my daily contacts for two days?

If it's only until you get new ones yes. They make these rules knowing that you are human and will at one point break them. However, don't do it all the time.

If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?

Yes. You can get anything you want online. You should get an eye exam first. You need to have your eyes measured properly to get a pair of contacts that will fit you. I used to wear crazy contact t... Read More »

Can contacts be worn in a hot tub?

Wearing contact lens in hot tubs is not recommended. Contact lenses are porous and can absorb chemicals, microbes or other impurities in the water. This could harm or irritate eyes and can lead to ... Read More »