Can custody be taken away if a new boyfriend spanks your child?

Answer If, in the eyes of a reasonable person, the "spanking" appeared to be excessive, then YES, it could be a custody issue.No reasonable person would allow a child to reside where this was occuring.

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Why does your boyfriend have to pay child support when he has joint custody of his kids you live together and have a child of your own?

The answer is simple: Child support is paid to the parent who has physical custody of the children by the parent who does not support the children in a residential setting on a daily basis. The chi... Read More »

How hard would it be for a father to get custody of a nine year old child when the mother and mother's boyfriend smoke pot in the house with the child there?

very easy. if the father knows the mother and her boyfrined are smoking the mother could lose her kid for good for the reason of child in dangerment.

Is it legal in Virginia to live with your boyfriend if you have joint custody of a child with someone else?

Answer Difficult as it is to believe Virginia is one of the few states which still have existing cohabitation laws and sometimes enforce them.Virginia Code 18.2-345 makes the living together of unm... Read More »

Can you have primary custody if your boyfriend surfs child porn on the Internet?

If you can prove this and provide evidence to the court by all means you'll win full custody. You have to prove it first.