Can custody be taken away for no reason?

Answer Answer No! There must be good reason and proof before either parent of a child can take total custody if the courts had already given shared custody between the parents of that child.It's best to ... Read More »

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Can custody be taken away if a new boyfriend spanks your child?

If, in the eyes of a reasonable person, the "spanking" appeared to be excessive, then YES, it could be a custody issue.No reasonable person would allow a child to reside where this was occuring.

How does a father get custody taken away from the mother?

Answer Get an attorney. There must be a definate, documented, just reason for taking custody away from a mother. Having parental rights taken from a mother is almost impossible...

Can custody be taken away from a mother who has to take prescription pain killers for a disease?

%REPLIES% Answer I can't see why that would be an issue. Unless the state of your health prevents you from being able to properly care for your child(ren). Or you are in someway not using the drug... Read More »

If your ex has sole physical custody but you are entitled to having your kids spend the night once a week can that be taken away because you live with your girlfriend and she doesnt approve?

AnswerThere has to be a reason she doesn't approve. Either the girlfriend is not someone your ex feels the children should be around , or she is jealous. In which she will need to move on. As long ... Read More »