Can custodial parent lose custody if they don't pay their bills?

Answer Before that happens, the State child welfare agency would work with the parent to make sure she's able to pay her bills. It could be used as a factor, but don't count on it. I wish it was so in my ... Read More »

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Does the court ever change a ruling from joint custody to full custody for the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent gives up his visitation?

Answer Because it's almost always in a child's best interest to have a relationship with both parents, courts are generally reluctant to take away visitation rights. In some states, custody order... Read More »

Can being a disabled custodial parent cause me to lose custody?

Depends on the disability and your ability to care for the child.

If a parent has full custody of a child and lets him live with the non custodial parent can the custodial force him to move back with them?

Answer yes. once you get the child file for a modification of the final order (divorce, paternity, parental rights) whatever type of case it is. Don't be surprised if the other party changes their... Read More »

Can the custodial parent be granted full legal custody if the non custodial parent does not participate in the child's life?

yes Yes. Child custody is decided on what's best for the child. So if its best for the child to go with him/her, then that is what the judge will decide.It's possible, but the non custodial paren... Read More »