Can criminal judgments be collected in small claims court?

Answer On One Hand: Small Claims Courts Handle Civil ActionsAn individual or small business can bring any grievance to small claims court that can be translated into money. States differ on maximum judgme... Read More »

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How to Collect Texas Small-Claims Court Judgments?

Often, the hardest part of a small-claims lawsuit is not preparing the lawsuit or even winning your case in court. The hardest part may be collecting your money after a judgment has been entered in... Read More »

Who pays court costs in small claims court?

When a small claim is initiated, the fees are normally paid for by the plaintiff (the person making the claim). If the plaintiff wins the case the cost is recoverable; if he loses, then he will los... Read More »

How to Win in Small Claims Court?

Taking your case to small claims court may be your best option in receiving restitution. Before filing your small claim, make every effort to settle the dispute outside of court. A good practice to... Read More »

What is small claims court for?

Small claims courts are a way for people to settle disputes involving small amounts of money or contractual obligations quickly and inexpensively. Although a claimant may consult with an attorney a... Read More »