Can credit unions take you to court?

Answer If you are delinquent on an account, a credit union--or any creditor, for that matter-- does have the option to take you to court. You are more likely to be taken to court if there is no co-signer ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Regular Credit Unions & Federally Backed Credit Unions?

Credit unions are chartered by either state governments or the federal government. When people refer to a "regular" credit union, it is generally a state-chartered institution and does not have the... Read More »

What is Regulation D for credit unions?

According to the financial information website Bankers Online, Regulation D covering financial institutions including credit unions is a federal law introduced by Congress under Section 19 of the F... Read More »

How to Compare Credit Unions?

Credit unions are community-based banking institutions. Banks are often owned by larger corporations, seek increasing profits and charge higher fees. Credit unions, though, are non-profit instituti... Read More »

Types of Credit Unions?

A credit union is an organized financial institution that is managed by its members (who are also account holders). According to the World Council of Credit Unions, a credit union is a not-for-prof... Read More »