Can credit card companies take your purchases if you can't pay the card?

Answer A credit card company can submit negative information to the credit bureaus and take you to court if you default on your credit obligation. But the company cannot confiscate items that you purchase... Read More »

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Do credit card companies pay rewards when a lost card is found?

Credit card companies do not pay rewards when lost credit cards are found. If any fraudulent or suspicious activity is noted on the account, the credit card company usually prevents unauthorized ch... Read More »

How to Record Credit Card Purchases?

Credit cards can be a useful way of making purchases, both online and in retail locations. Many cards have reward programs that will allow you to reap benefits with the card's use, such as cash bac... Read More »

Rights on Credit Card Purchases?

Certain rights and laws protect each purchase a consumer makes with a credit card. The Fair Credit Billing Act protects consumers and makes filing a dispute an easier process.

How Can Credit Card Purchases Be Made Safe?

Credit cards are used to buy goods and services even when you don't have the money immediately on hand. Although there are certain risks to using a credit card, credit card purchases can still be m... Read More »