Can credit card companies sue for the balance?

Answer Credit card companies can sue you for an unpaid balance, according to However, they usually take other types of action, such as calling you and reporting it to a credit agency as d... Read More »

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How do I reduce a balance with credit card companies?

Pay the Full Amount DuePay at least double the minimum payment each month, or more if possible. The faster the balance is paid off, the less the total cost will be. How quickly the balance will bec... Read More »

Does my credit card balance increase with a balance transfer?

If the card you are transferring your balances to has a transfer fee, your balance on the new card will be higher than it was on the old card. Transfer fees should be considered alongside any poten... Read More »

To build personal credit, is it best to pay total balance on a secured credit card or just pay the minimum req?

Is it better for your credit score to close a zero balance credit card?

In most cases, you are better off not canceling a credit card with no balance, because it will no longer report to the credit bureau as being current with payments and your debt-to-available-credit... Read More »