Can credit card companies garnish military retirement pay?

Answer No, a credit card company has no legal right to garnish military retirement pay in order to satisfy a credit card debt. However, this pay can be garnished to satisfy an obligation to pay child supp... Read More »

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Can credit card companies garnish wages?

Most states will allow credit card companies to garnish a certain percentage of a debtor's wages. The amounts allowed and procedures to receive a court order for garnishment vary greatly from state... Read More »

Can a major credit card company garnish an SSI check?

Major credit card companies cannot garnish a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check. However, credit card companies can go to court, obtain a money judgment and use this to order a bank to freeze... Read More »

How much can a credit card company garnish in wages?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Title III protects employees from having more than 25 percent of their disposable weekly income garnished. To garnish wages, a credit card company must ha... Read More »

Can credit card judgements garnish wages in Georgia?

Georgia residents can indeed have their wages garnished over credit card judgments, according to the State Court of Fulton County website. A garnishment of wages can last up to 179 days and then is... Read More »