Can cradle cap be prevented?

Answer Washing the hair more often than two or three times per week may dry the skin out, making it more vulnerable to cradle cap, so limited hair washing is recommended.

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How can the flu be prevented?

There are several forms of influenza, or the flu, and most of us are familiar with seasonal influenza that occurs during winter months. The flu is highly contagious and can sometimes be deadly, acc... Read More »

How can epilepsy be prevented?

By taking the epileptic medication given by the neurologist.

Can impetigo be prevented?

Prevention of impetigo involves good hygiene. In order to avoid spreading the infection from one person to another, those with impetigo should be isolated until all sores are healed

How can accidents be prevented?

Many, perhaps most, accidents could be prevented by changing peoples' attitudes to it and making teaching more thorough. Most people eroneously think that once they have passed their test they kno... Read More »