Can cracking your knuckles really lead to arthritis?

Answer ive heard that, too, but ive read an article in a magazine written by a doctor that says that cracking knuckles have no effect. it's just the sound of the air between the bones. Read More »

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Does cracking your knuckles lead to arthritis?

Arthritis and Cracking Knuckles The reason people associate knuckle-cracking with arthritis is because it makes a cracking noise and, if something cracks, it must be being damaged. However, the tru... Read More »

Can you get arthritis by cracking your knuckles or toes?

no you cant get arthritis by doing so. it doesnt hurt you in anyway. the popping is the fluid which consists of nutrients, gas are in between your knuckles, when it gets pressured they make that po... Read More »

Will cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis nor any other damage to the joints in your fingers. The "cracking" you hear when you press your knuckles is the fluid moving in your joints.Source:Ar... Read More »

Does popping your knuckles lead to arthritis?

On One Hand: There is No EvidenceThere is no research that shows a link between arthritis and the act of popping your knuckles. Popping your knuckles does not cause arthritis. The popping sound sim... Read More »