Can crab meat be frozen?

Answer Crab meat can be frozen, but it is recommended to cook the crab first and turn it into crab cakes prior to freezing. If you freeze fresh crab meat, the texture will be altered, and the meat toughen... Read More »

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How many pounds of frozen meat or frozen veggies should you calculate per cubic foot when buying a chest freezer?

Answer In weight of water calculations there's 62.3 pounds for every cubic foot. My best advice would be to use those calculations in determining what size to buy. Answer 35 pounds per cubic foot o... Read More »

Is it true you shouldn't eat meat if it's been frozen, defrosted, and then frozen again?

There are two concerns with refreezing meat. The first is safety. If the meat has thawed in a refrigerator, then it’s okay to refreeze. In terms of other methods, make sure it doesn’t sit in th... Read More »

Can crab salad be frozen?

Crab salad without mayonnaise can be frozen. Because mayonnaise is 98 percent oil (and 2 percent egg) and has an opposing effect to water, the oil and water will eventually separate, causing the sa... Read More »

How to Clean Frozen Dungeness Crab?

Dungeness crab are caught off of the Washington coastline and often are 7 to 8 inches wide. While fresh crab is preferable to frozen, you may order frozen Dungeness crab to serve for meals. The fro... Read More »