Can cortisol help back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Synthetic Cortisol Can Help With Back PainThe body produces cortisol, or the "stress hormone" in response to emotional and physical stress. When a part of your body is inflamed due to ... Read More »

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Do featherbeds help back pain?

On One Hand: Featherbeds Will Relieve Some Back PainFeatherbeds will help with back pain caused by sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or stiff. According to, "A featherbed can wo... Read More »

Really bad back pain, help me?

You might have pulled a muscle in your back-you could have slept awkwardly or done something while goofing around or spend too much time hunched over the computer..Take Advil according to label dir... Read More »

Can antibiotics help my back pain?

On One Hand: Causes of Back PainAccording to Mayo Clinic, common causes of back pain include muscle strains, arthritis and structural issues like slipped or ruptured disks. Rarely, a spinal tumor o... Read More »

How do you get help, if you have pain in the lower back?

You really can't go wrong with a chiropractor. I've had some of the worst back pain of my life, and after seeing a chiropractor, it's never come back. Good luck!