Can corporations purchase government bonds?

Answer Corporations are allowed to purchase government bonds. Corporations, associations, public and private organizations, fiduciaries and individuals can buy paper Series EE/E savings bonds or purchase ... Read More »

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How to Purchase Bonds From the Australian Government?

Australia has a sophisticated, strong economy wit a strong property rights regime. Typically, it has interest rates above those of the United States and other developed countries, which makes it at... Read More »

Should Corporations Invest in Stocks or Buy Bonds?

Buying a property and fixing it up for resale, or flipping, is a challenging but potentially fiscally rewarding process. Much of the effort involved in flipping is in the up-front calculations and ... Read More »

Can you purchase I bonds in an IRA?

The Internal Revenue Service permits people to use IRA funds to invest in bonds. Other common IRA investments include stocks, mutual funds and certificates of deposit. The IRS only prohibits invest... Read More »

How to Purchase Municipal Bonds?

You must purchase municipal bonds through a third party, such as a brokerage firm, which will contact the state or local government that issues the bond on your behalf. Municipal bonds are not alwa... Read More »