Can cops in the U.S. have a brain injury when hired in the U.S.?

Answer Depends on the extent of your brain injury. If this injury is just that and has not effected your ability to perform the duties required then no!But if your injury in the smallest way alters your d... Read More »

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How to Cope With a Brain Injury?

You have been told you have brain damage for whatever cause. All brain injuries are unique, and no one brain injury causes the same problem.

Why cant i get any relief from this brain injury?

You are not getting any relief, as you might not be getting proper treatment and care for your brain injury.

Have you ever known anyone with an 'acquired brain injury'?

My uncle Carl "acquired" a brain injury a few years back. He was hospitalised for some time, then went home to live with his family. It changed his personality, and he also had (has) trouble spea... Read More »

Can brain swelling cause leg injury?

On One Hand: Brain Swelling Cannot Cause Leg InjuryBrain swelling, unlike swelling in other parts of the body, can occur not only because of injury but because of other complicated medical conditio... Read More »