Can cops break iPhone passwords?

Answer Cops cannot break iPhone passwords for no reason. That would be a breach of privacy, and isn't allowed for no reason. Plus, the average police officer would not have the skills to crack iPhone pass... Read More »

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Problem with wifi passwords on iPhone 5:?

Could be an actually issue with the JailBreak. Why don't you get a more customizable phone? If you wanted to customize the iPhone to such an extent, why not just get some other brand of phone which... Read More »

How do you break into an iPhone 3g?

In America it isn't any more. I don't think it ever was in Ireland. How can it be when piracy control by internet providers is illegal here!! lol :P

Can you break an iPhone?

You can break any electronic out there, so yes, you can break an iPhone.

Will an iPhone 3g break if you drop it?

I dropped my Iphone at least 15 timesand nothing happened, barely evenscuffed it. Then i dropped it a coupledays ago flat on the pavementface down and it cracked the screen all up, but still worked... Read More »