Can copper pots go in the dishwasher?

Answer No

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How to Make Copper Pots?

Man used copper and other nonferrous metals to create pots and pans for generations. Copper pots conduct heat evenly and are excellent tools for cooking. You can find examples of early copper pots ... Read More »

Why is copper used for pots&pans?

Copper is a widely used metal that has been mined since ancient times. It is best known for its highly reflective surface as well as its heat and electrical conductivity. It is often used for pots ... Read More »

How to Clean Copper Bottoms on Pots and Pans?

After using them often, copper bottom pots become discolored, and lose their shine. They should be cleaned often, to protect them, and keep them looking brand new.

How to Clean Really Dirty Copper Pots?

Copper pots do not have to be a pain to clean. You can clean them easily and have them shine again.