Can cooked hamburger be left out over night?

Answer No! Absolutely not!!

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Can i get sick from eating pork i cooked and left out over night?

It depends on the temperature of your kitchen. If its warm and humid, then the pork is in the process of deterioration and also if it smell then throw away. In any case, in order just to avoid wast... Read More »

A friend of mine left cooked sausage out all night and then used in the next morning! is that safe?

It probably was still good although the poster's above are correct about bacteria.Sausage however, contains a lot of salt ( 3 ounces per every 10 lbs).( that's a lot of preservative right there).Y... Read More »

How long can cooked hamburger be refreigerated?

If you refrigerate your cooked hamburger within two hours of leaving it out, or within one hour if the temperature outside is 90 degrees F or higher, you can safely refrigerate the hamburger for th... Read More »

What is the pre-cooked weight of a White Castle hamburger patty?

.70 ouncesActually, it is 2 ounces.I am suspicious of the 2-ounce figure. The entire weight of the hamburger, cooked and including the bun, according to White Castle, is 58 grams, or about 2 ounces... Read More »