Can convicted felons hold an elected office?

Answer A convicted felon is allowed to run for office in the federal government. As for state offices, each state has different laws concerning who can and cannot run. It is illegal for a convected felon ... Read More »

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Can convicted felons go on a cruise?

There are no restrictions that prevent convicted felons from purchasing a cruise ticket, but some countries won't admit some felons, based on the crime and when the conviction occurred. People who... Read More »

Can convicted felons get mortgages?

Yes. No law prohibits felons from receiving a mortgage. Assuming a felon has the credit required to qualify for a mortgage, he should not have any problems obtaining a mortgage, unless his credit... Read More »

Can convicted felons enter holland?

There are some restrictions on felons entering the Netherlands. A felon, like any other visitor, must have a valid U.S. passport for travel up to 90 days. Beyond that, he will need to apply for a v... Read More »

Are convicted felons allowed to vote?

No, convicted felons are not allowed to vote in some places in the United States. Currently, 12 of 50 states ban felons from participating in elections within state borders on all levels under cert... Read More »