Can convicted felons carry firearms?

Answer In 1968, the Federal government passed the Gun Control Act. This act made it illegal for a convicted felon to buy or own a gun. To enforce this law, any person that is trying to buy a gun must pass... Read More »

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Can convicted felons get into Canada?

Felons convicted in the United States or anyone with a criminal record may be allowed access to Canada, but denied it as well. According to federal agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada, someon... Read More »

Do convicted felons have the right to vote?

There is no federal law in the United States that strips convicted felons of voting rights; however, 35 states have laws taking this right from some or all individuals who have served prison time f... Read More »

Can convicted felons go on a cruise?

There are no restrictions that prevent convicted felons from purchasing a cruise ticket, but some countries won't admit some felons, based on the crime and when the conviction occurred. People who... Read More »

Can convicted felons get mortgages?

Yes. No law prohibits felons from receiving a mortgage. Assuming a felon has the credit required to qualify for a mortgage, he should not have any problems obtaining a mortgage, unless his credit... Read More »