Can condominium bylaws be amended to require owner occupancy?

Answer You need to review the Master Deed of the Condominium to determine if the right to amend the by-laws was reserved, to whom it was reserved and the process by which amendments may be made.

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How can the rules and regulations be adopted amended changes for condominium?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Depending on which governing document you want to amend, there may be different percentages of membership votes required to pass the ame... Read More »

What are the steps in changing bylaws of a condominium association?

Your governing documents are specific about amending your by-laws, because this process is different in every community. The steps may include: Working with your association's attorney to craft the... Read More »

What are the steps to change bylaws in a condominium association in new jersey?

Read your governing documents to discover the process for your condominium. There is no standard, but generally, a vote of a majority of owners is required.

Does California 501c3 require bylaws?

California requires every 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to create bylaws. While there are no specific wording requirements for these laws, they usually include rules, regulations and procedures ... Read More »