Can computer scanners pick UV light?

Answer CCD scanners cant, CMOS scanners can.

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Can computer scanners pick colors "Invsible" to human eye?

It depends on the scanner. For IR sensitivity take a common TV remote, aim the IR sender of the remote at the scanner and press and hold a button while it scans. Either you'll see a light coming fr... Read More »

Are there scanners which will pick up cell phones?

Of course there are.. but (a) FCC regulations make it illegal make, sell (or money has to change hands), or own and use any scanner that can intercept cellular communications. (b) wi... Read More »

Can police scanners pick up cordless phones?

Always assume someone is hearing your cordless phone conversation (in contrast to cellular phones, which are secure by law). Cordless home phones broadcast from receiver to base via a radio signal.... Read More »

Who has the best computer stand alone scanners?

Umax are the best but they are expensive . Get the HP G-4010 which is much cheaper, inexpensive, and very fast and easy to install. Plus, you can scan slides, negatives, and legal documents.Here is... Read More »