Can compost worm bins stay outside during winter?

Answer It is best to move worm composting bins indoors during winter months to avoid the extreme winter temperatures. Vermicomposting worms are not as active during periods when winter temperatures fall b... Read More »

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How do I make worm compost bins?

Select an appropriate composting container. Rubbermaid storage containers work well as portable vermicomposting bins. Another option is to modify an old plastic or metal garbage can. Be sure that t... Read More »

Why do compost bins need air holes?

There are two main methods of composting: Aerobic and anaerobic. Both involve the microrganic rotting of organic material such as leaves, food, or faeces in a moist environment. Anaerobic compostin... Read More »

Why are there holes in compost bins?

The composting procedure is conducted by aerobic microorganisms. Like humans, these living creatures require food, water and oxygen to survive.

Who makes Gedye compost bins?

Australian company L.R. & N.R. Gedye Pty. Ltd. manufactures Gedye compost bins in Doncaster East in the state of Victoria. Made of 100 percent recycled plastic, the lightweight, mobile container ha... Read More »