Can competitive sports be unhealthy for our youth?

Answer On One Hand: Sports provide health benefitsAccording to Jessica Fraser-Thomas and Jean Cote of Queen's University, youth sports have the effect of improving physical health, psycho-social developme... Read More »

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Are competitive sports bad for kids?

On One Hand: Physical and Social BenefitsCompetitive sports provide children with opportunities to develop physical strength and coordination and promote an active lifestyle. In addition, children... Read More »

Are competitive sports good for little kids?

On One Hand: Too Much Emphasis on WinningChildren who are pushed too hard in competitive sports, notes Dr. Jordan Metzl of the Sports Medicine Institute for Young Athletes, are "at risk for emotion... Read More »

What does youth in sports help with?

On One Hand: The BenefitsAdolescents participating in sporting activities are subjected to a regime of physical fitness that they might not experience otherwise. This promotes an overall level of g... Read More »

Are youth sports too serious?

On One Hand: Sports Aid In DevelopmentIt is important that children learn about sharing, trying their hardest, and working with others to achieve goals. Youth sports can do this and make these life... Read More »