Can colored contacts make an ugly person attractive?

Answer its really about who you want to attract, your not going to get everyone to like you, or think your attractive, its just not as for contacts, it depends what the guy looks for in a wo... Read More »

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GUYS: Is wearing make-up attractive or just ugly. ?

My boyfriend prefers more natural looking makeup. He thinks wearing too much makeup makes the girl kind of trashy, and that she's trying too hard to look pretty.

Guys why do think women wearing red colored dress look most attractive ?

Now this is acctually scientifically proven (not other people guesses) it is because when a man sees the colour red on a woman their mind accosiates the red and the woman as that means that she is ... Read More »

Where to buy Colored contacts?

There is no such thing as a reliable site to buy coloured contacts from. They are unregulated and potentially dangerous to your eyesight. If you intend doing this realize that whereever you buy the... Read More »

How to Buy Colored Contacts?

Colored contacts and colored contact lenses may very well be the most fun you can have in respect to changing your appearance. The variety that is available is enormous, ranging from natural looki... Read More »