Can colon cleansing help genital herpes?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Normal Treatment of Genital HerpesWebMD does not list a colon cleanse as a home treatment or a doctor-recommended treatment for genital herpes. Patients with genital herpes take ... Read More »

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Does a colon cleansing help flush out toxins?

On One Hand: Cleans Out ToxinsProponents of colon cleansing say it is an effective way to flush toxins out of the body. The belief is that poor diet and pollution causes toxins to build up in the c... Read More »

Does colon cleansing help reduce stomach fat?

No. Proponents erroneously claim colon cleansing removes fecal fat and impacted feces that distends the stomach. Feces contains no significant fat because the small intestine, not the colon, absorb... Read More »

Can you get genital herpes but not oral herpes!!!?

"Just" the virus that's causing the sores?IF it's genital herpes that's causing the sores, the virus wont be eliminated by the anti biotics. It'l stay in your system forever, altho the number of o... Read More »

Is eczema the same as genital herpes Or are they the same strand of herpes?

Eczema and herpes are totally different things, they are not related to each other.To know for sure what the rash is you should see a doctor.You would have to have shingles in order to have herpes ... Read More »