Can cologne kill sperms?

Answer yes technically cologne can kill sperm. Cologne is 99% alcohol and alcohol kills sperm. I would not suggest spraying yourself as a form of protection.

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Can sperms of a dead b used to produce baby?

If they are living viral sperm they can, but if he is dead & receiving no oxygen, then No they have no life! Sperm is a living thing . Eyes are a function, of the the person who has them, & as long... Read More »

How do you control sperms coming fast?

I am male in sex and under 18 years. I almost have release of sperms during night for last 4 years every 2 days in week and my health is also too much down due to this. I have used many medicines b... Read More »

How to remove sperms on the bathroom floor?

Use normal cleaning products... the sperms should come (get it) right off.

Can you get pregnant if you use a strynge to transfer the sperms after he comes into your mouth?

yes you can any sperm in side of you can get you knock up