Can cold weather cause an asthma attack?

Answer On One Hand: Cold Air Can Trigger Asthma SymptomsAsthma, a chronic inflammation of the airways that causes difficulty breathing, affects nearly 22 million Americans. Although asthma's exact causes ... Read More »

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How to Help an Asthmatic During a Asthma Attack and a Panic Attack?

You and your best friend are jogging the school required 800 meter. Your friend has asthma in the most serious form and often has panic attacks too. As you jog you tell her about what you heard so ... Read More »

Can an attack of dizziness be an asthma attack?

Dizzy AttackHere is advice:No, you can feel very dizzy whilst having an asthma attack obviously due to the restricted oxygen supply tothe brain, however unless there is a severe wheeze, accompanied... Read More »

Can you die of an asthma attack?

On One Hand: Asthma Attacks can be FatalWhen a person has a severe asthma attack, respiratory failure and death can occur, according to the Mayo Clinic and Merck Manuals. Symptoms of a severe asthm... Read More »

What are the causes of asthma attack?

Asthma is a disease that affects the passageways of the lungs. The disease obstructs air from being exhaled from the lungs, and can affect a person for his entire life. It is the most common recurr... Read More »