Can coca-cola be used to help whiten the teeth due to the high acidity it has?

Answer No, coca cola should not be used to clean your teeth. Coca cola's food coloring will stain your teeth, its sugars will give you cavities, and its acidity will eat away at your enamels.

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Does Coca Cola stain teeth?

Could be I'm not sure about teeth but there is an experiment that is used in classrooms to teach children how to brush their teeth. Soak an egg in coca cola overnight and then try to brush it off ... Read More »

What effect does Coca Cola have on teeth?

Coke and TeethHere is input from WikiAnswers contributors:I'm a nutrition major, and in my bacteriology lab, for our final we have to do an independent study. I decided to experiment on how particu... Read More »

Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

I know a girl of 5 years old,she gets high,like been intoxicated anytime she drinks coca-cola...why?

Some people are very very sensitive to sugar and caffeine. So she's probably getting that hyper high off of the sugary drink. I would get the sugar and caffeine free coca cola and give it to her an... Read More »