Can cleaning an air filter with motor oil damage the engine?

Answer Clean your air filter (if it's a cleanable air filter) with air filter cleaner or soapy water. Motor oil cannot be used to clean filter, and it is not recommended for treating the filter. Using mot... Read More »

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Can cleaning chemicals damage limestone?

Limestone and other types of calcareous stone, such as travertine and marble, can be damaged by cleaning chemicals. Never use acidic cleaning products, including vinegar, on limestone. Instead, cle... Read More »

Will steam cleaning my hardwood floors cause any damage?

dont do it . you'll buckle your floors. have them refinished again.

Can Slick 50 damage my engine?

On One Hand: It's PossibleEngine oil additives like Slick 50 contain polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon. It's intended to coat the moving parts of the engine, reducing friction and wear, but it can... Read More »

Can a tow truck cause car engine damage?

On One Hand: Causes Transmission DamageIt's not the engine you need to worry about when towing, it's the transmission, differential(s) and transfer case (if so equipped). Towing a vehicle while its... Read More »