Can classical music support fetal brain development during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: One Famous Study Suggests it's PossibleFirst called the "Mozart Effect" by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis in 1991, the ability of classical music to help the human brain develop has been studie... Read More »

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Classical Music & Baby Development?

While popular sentiment still holds that playing classical music for your baby will make him smarter, there is evidence of a direct link between playing this genre of music for your baby and his in... Read More »

Do alcoholic fathers affect the development of the fetal baby?

Not physically. It's the alcohol in the mother's blood that causes the damage.

How has classical music changed music today?

Classical music, in general, is art music that has sprung from traditions of Western liturgical and secular music from the middle ages to the present day. Its influence is widely felt, especially i... Read More »

Difference Between Classical Music & Modern Music?

Classical music and modern music differ in many key ways. The most obvious way is their respective time periods. Classical music is typically considered music made before the 19th century, whereas ... Read More »