Can christians read the book"The Secret"?

Answer On One Hand: Christianity Can Include the Law of AttractionThe basic gist of "The Secret" is that people can use the Law of Attraction to get what we want. According to researcher John Place, it is... Read More »

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Christians, what have you read / heard about accupuncturists?

Hi ! It's funny you asked, my mom has just begun a weekly session of acupuncture with an american Dr. I thought all doctors who did acupuncture were foreign, I thought it was big in chinese medicin... Read More »

Why does the NWO/Satan's Secret Society work together to get christians fired from their jobs?

First this is definitely the wrong category. Second posting 7 questions in a single post is a sure way to not get an answer. Third and most important, I believe you already have the answer to you... Read More »

Read read read read HELP pleaze!?

Sweety, by answering this question you took away 5 points from your account. And actually it takes 250 points to get to level 2.So if you want to get to level 2, don't ask any more questions. (unle... Read More »

Can Christians be psychic?

On One Hand: The New American Bible forbids it.Leviticus 19:26 prohibits practicing divination, and 19:31 says "Do not go to mediums or consult fortune-tellers, for you will be defiled by them. I a... Read More »