Can chocolate stop a cough?

Answer On One Hand: Research Suggests Theobromine May HelpScientific studies--which were performed by the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London and presented to the British Thoracic... Read More »

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At what point do you stop feeling sorry for the extremely bad chronic cough of a smoker who wont stop smoking?

i quit smoking two years ago...when i hear people hacking it disgusts me. when i see people chain smoking, it disgusts me. i'm such a hypocritical snob, but i can't help it!

How can I stop coughing if I can't take cough syrup?

Coughing occurs when the body is trying to get rid of substances that are aggravating the air passages. Causes for coughing include infection, viruses, bronchitis, and chronic cough, which can be d... Read More »

How to Stop Coughing Without Cough Syrup?

Got a cough that just won't go away? Most people will spend countless dollars on cough syrups that, let's face it, don't generally taste very good. And who knows if ten years from now we'll find ou... Read More »

How to Stop Eating Chocolate?

want to drop a bit of weight during the festive season?This is article for you!