Can chlorine kill sperm?

Answer A pool or hot tub with a high amount of chlorine will kill sperm, though this is not a guarantee against pregnancy. Any interaction between the penis and vagina can result in pregnancy, whether chl... Read More »

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Will chlorine bleach kill dandelions?

yes, and everything else. I don't recommend spraying all over your yard

Does Chlorine Kill Plant Life?

Chlorine can kill a host of organisms, plant life among them. However, its danger to your plant life is tied very specifically to its amount. In tiny doses, chlorine is actually used to the benefit... Read More »

Can sperm kill an unborn child?

Can a high fever kill sperm?

well in my honest opinion yes because i have 104 degree fever and i just got out of the hospital so im jacked up on the meds and im like masturbation doesnt sound to bad so i did and lets just say ... Read More »