Can children give consent?

Answer no stop trying to coerce children like Micheal Jackson did.

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Can a mother give consent for her child to have a sex change without the father's consent?

Can a woman who lives in Florida move out of state with her children without her husband's consent if they are still married when he does not want to be away from his children?

Answer Yes, you can legally just move... as long as no court order has been established with regard to custody / residence of the children, you are their parent and can move wherever you wish with ... Read More »

Can anybody give consent to search your house if you're not there?

According to the Just Cause Law Collective, any person who appears to live in your house or is lawfully using your property may give police consent to search the premises. However, landlords may no... Read More »

How much does it costs to give up your rights with mothers consent?

That part is easy and can be done using a certified mediator, however this will not include stopping child support. see links below