Can children get anemia after one week of eating nothing but cookies and candy?

Answer I would like to know when a baby first day born- what shot's and what do they do on there first day in the world. do they doing anything on the there back-

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Is not eating rice a cause for anemia?

Most definitely. Rice is a staple of most diets. The lack of rice in one's diet can and in most cases will promote anemia. Considering the diets of many other cultures and their lack of the anemic... Read More »

Sexist boy.I asked a question last week..i was full of flu and have two children to look after..t?

Don't let him get to you! Do you think he would have the courage to actually say that to you or any other woman face to face? No! He is a pathetic and virginal little coward who can only vent his m... Read More »

How to Make Candy Cookies?

Satisfy your candy fancy with candy-topped chocolate cookies.

How to Bake Candy Dandies Cookies?

Candy DandiesCandy Dandies cookies use baking mix, brown sugar and cut-up candy bars to make a sweet, chewy, candy cookie treat. These cookies are quick to fix and are easy to bake. Makes about 36 ... Read More »